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We understand better than most that first impressions really do count in the retail world. To help you plan and source the right products, we want to share our top tips on how to design striking and engaging spring displays to impress even your most discerning customers. 

1. Say it with flowers
There are few things in life as heart-warming as the sight of garlands of vibrant spring flowers. So use them to powerful effect on garden arches, arbours, pergolas and obelisks to draw your customers in as they walk through the door. The delicate pastel pinks and whites of our Fuji Blossom garlands and wreaths will form the perfect backdrop to display your products. Try hanging them vertically to create a "blossom wall."  Spring bunches are an equally impactful way of catching your customer's eye and can be clustered together and used in a variety of containers such as outside pots, baskets, trugs or on cake stands.

2. Make Easter magical
Create some Easter magic for the whole family by using seasonal showpiece items to transform your display such as our Rustic Metal Sheep or Spring Chickens. These can work really well with your Easter food displays and it's great for linked sales too. Our large Rustic Metal Rabbits will be a hit with the kids - so make sure they are easy to access.

3. Introduce a Theme or Twist
A powerful way to liven up your spring display is by introducing a spring-related theme or a twist on the traditional, such as a "Dutch Flower Market", "Fairytale Story", "Spring Woodland" or "Tea Party". Carry the theme throughout your store, to draw your customer's attention to key merchandise. Our hanger watering cans, flower lanterns or moss-covered rabbits could be used together with flowers such as daisies, poppies and cornflowers. These are sure to put a spring in your customer's step after the long winter months. What's more, they can also be used throughout the summer.

We hope our top tips have helped inspire you to create eye-catching spring displays your customers will love. For further information about our individual products, please contact us here.