Summer is prime wedding season and with #weddingideas trending across the social board, now is the perfect time to encourage footfall and spend with the promise of providing the perfect wedding solutions with your products.

An eye catching well put together display can be key when it comes to promoting a product range and enticing customers to visit, stay longer and spend more.  However, a badly planned display can have the opposite effect so it is important to give some thought on how to best make your display work for you and your customers.


Plan for a purchase

Having a plan of what you want to achieve and ensuring your display tells a story with an obvious theme, can really help you to achieve maximum impact and drive sales.  Keep it classic and simple with attention paid to colour, symmetry and balance. The addition of flowers is always a powerful tool as they are scientifically proven to make people feel relaxed and happier… and every store wants a happy customer!


Floral frame

Consider the customer journey

The first thing to think about is the placement of your display.  Customer journey through the store and line of sight both need to be taken into account, making sure that your promotion is placed in a well visible high traffic area. Use innovative signage to attract attention, for example, with a wedding themed display, you could use a traditional table planner sign format with a floral border to highlight your offering.


Bring products to life

One of the most popular display techniques is lifestyle merchandising because the creation of a scene can really help customers visualise how they would use the products on offer and can often prove to be aspirational.  Being creative with every day items can inspire purchase and flowers are some of the most versatile and beautiful products to work with.  A staged top table featuring fine replica flower decorations with a complementary table planner and chair décor can bring a real sense of occasion to your display. Top table centrepiece

Upcycle product displays

Impactful displays can end up costing more than you think and so if props or materials can be reused it can make quite a difference.  See what you have already that can be adapted, for example, a large glass vase that once held Christmas baubles and some faux flowers that were used in Easter merchandising, can be repurposed into a wedding table centrepiece.  


Create a buzz

Injecting an element of fun and interactivity is always sure to encourage engagement.  To persuade customers to stay around (which in turn usually increases spend), you could host a mini wedding reception by handing out orange juice and prosecco and provide some seating around the display so that customers are totally immersed in the experience.

Be social

Another way to spread the word is to launch a branded hashtag campaign with a photo opportunity for customers.   This could be part of your wedding display such as a beautiful flower wall where customers can take photos and are encouraged to share on social media under your branded hashtag with the chance to win a prize.


So to summarise, as long as you have a plan, a theme and are creative with what you have, along with bringing in some attractive floral props, then your wedding display is sure to be a winner!