Why We Love Silk Flowers

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity for silk flowers. With huge advances in quality and choice, it's easy to see why. Manufacturing materials and techniques have evolved to produce stunningly realistic flowers, true to nature. Delicate petals and detailed stems are enticingly authentic and feel real to the touch. Savvy customers have realised this and are increasingly embracing silk over fresh. 

So why do we love silk flowers? Well, here are our top ten reasons to consider silk over fresh: 

1. Longer-lasting
Freshly cut flowers start to fade after a few days whereas silk flowers will last for at least five years, giving pleasure over and over again.

2. Always in season
For those who fancy tulips in November, silk flowers mean there is no restriction on the choice of flowers available, all year round, in every colour imaginable.

3. Will not wilt  
Temperature, lighting or lack of fresh water have no effect on the appearance of silk flowers so arrangements will always look newly created. They are perfect for an area with limited lighting or air-conditioning.

4. Low maintenance
No need to trim stems, clean vases or change the water. Simply remove any dust with a hairdryer.

5. No pollen
With hay fever on the rise, fresh flowers can present a real problem for sufferers. For some, the benefit of flowers without pollen means silk flowers are their first choice.

6. Flexible stems
Good quality stems are wired which means you can bend them to fit a short vase for one arrangement and then straighten them later on to suit a taller arrangement. No such luck with real flowers!

7. Robust & strong
When arranging fresh flowers in a vase, petals and flower heads can easily break off, whereas silk flowers are constructed to withstand a degree of manipulation. They can be knocked, bent, twisted and won't break. If by any chance a flower head does fall off, typically it can be re-connected to the stem.  

8. More cost-effective
Replacing your fresh flowers every week can set you back a considerable amount of money, whereas silk flowers are more comparable in cost and are a one-off purchase.

9. Mix & match
Silk flowers can be mixed in with the real thing. Why not mix some with fresh foliage, which often lasts much longer than fresh flowers? It will be even harder to detect one from the other.

10. Handmade
Whilst improved technology enables highly accurate colour palettes and stem moulds, silk flowers are still ultimately hand-made, allowing every element of the flower - from the petals and leaves to the buds and stigma - to reflect what Mother Nature creates so beautifully.