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Our themes for 2023 are based on Unity.  Christmas is traditionally a time for togetherness and after a challenging few years of separation, the world has started to come together once again. Where there is unity there is strength and our connections with loved ones have never been more appreciated. 2023 is the time to celebrate being reunited and revel in festive gatherings with those who matter most.

DOVE - Blue grey in colour with an iridescent bottle green band at the base of their neck, doves are known for bringing hope and peace. Uniting these beautiful colours together, this theme is full of luxurious deep blues and emerald greens with a hint of gold and white.

LOVE KNOT - The strongest of all knots, the love knot symbolises eternal connection. This theme is all about sustainability, natural forms and textures, embracing the simple beauty of raw materials and craftsmanship.

RAINBOW - When the two opposing forces of sun and rain unite, they create a rainbow. Diverse, full of colour and a celebration of the unique, this theme is bursting with individual decorations that celebrate all the things that people love.

RIBBON - Ribbons represent putting aside differences to work towards a common goal. This theme brings together a variety of textures and tones with a beautiful floral fashion feel, incorporating varying shades of pinks, greens and a pop of mustard.

TREE OF LIFE - The tree of life represents the unity of all living things. This theme celebrates Mother Earth at her finest and is abundant in greenery, berries and birds. A twist on the traditional with reds and greens highlighted by apricot, there is a real sense of warmth, homeliness and comfort.

TUDOR ROSE - A true symbol of unity, the Tudor Rose is a beautiful blend of a red and a white rose. Here we celebrate the coming together of these complementary colours with the addition of cool greys and silvers to bring a real sparkle to proceedings.