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artificial orchid in pot

Flowering and potted plants

Our artificial flowering plants bring a touch of colour and sunshine even if the weather isn’t cooperating. They are always popular as gifts or for use in restaurants, offices or other commercial spaces.

The lifelike blooms and luscious foliage of our artificial flowering plants are a great way to quickly refresh your range or update your display to reflect the seasons. Faux primroses provide a pop of spring, whilst flamboyant artificial peony bushes or trailing faux geraniums are a sure sign that summer has arrived. If you need help choosing the right faux flowering plants to suit, just get in touch with our team who will be able to advise you.

To view our collection:

Orchids for everyone

Ever popular for gift-giving or for modern and stylish interior design themes, our artificial orchids come in a huge range of sizes, varieties and colours. The artificial Phalaenopsis with broad petals, in cream or pink, and deep green foliage is available in a full spectrum of potted styles and sizes. We have stunning centrepiece items in large ceramic or glass containers or more modestly sized options for an affordable gift purchases. If you prefer a change from the traditional Phalaenopsis orchid, we also offer a range of faux Cymbidium orchids in a number of different shades.

Faux Peony Bushes, Agapanthus and more

Peonies are by far one of our customers favourite flowers and so we offer them every which way… in pots, large & small, in bunches, in bushes or simply as artificial stems.

Alongside our artificial Peony collection, we also have potted artificial Agapanthus, Peace Lillies and more.

How do you like your Lavender?

Ever popular and timeless, artificial potted lavenders are a year-round customer favourite. They’re perfect for dotting in amongst retail displays and they’re ideal for customers’ shelves, tables and mantels at home. Available in a variety of different pot options.

Equally if you prefer a bunch, bush, spray or bundle of faux lavender, we’ve also got that covered too! Browse our lavender flowers here.

Unpotted Flowering Plants

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to creating your retail displays or specifying for interior design projects. Our range of artificial flowering plants includes plenty of choice for those customers who want to put together their own creations, featuring artificial hanging geranium and jasmine, faux pansies and azaleas, seasonal artificial cyclamen or narcissi or traditional crocuses and African violets – there is so much to choose from.