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artificial greenery of various shapes and sizes around and on top of a desk and cupboard

Artificial greenery

Welcome to the jungle! Create a luscious retail space, a vibrant work zone or a calming living area with our extensive range of artificial green plants. From potted monstera to hanging ferns or senecio to assorted succulents we’ve got it all covered.

These smaller faux plants are ideal for shelves, tabletops or windowsills and are a big hit with customers who continue to embrace the houseplant trend that took off during lockdown but would rather not spend all day watering. Larger floor standing artificial plants and trees are also available – more details here.

To view our collection:

Range of shapes, sizes and styles

We stock everything from a trio of tiny artificial succulents potted in bubble glasses to trailing faux ferns that can be hung from ceilings or positioned to hang down from shelves and create the perfect backdrop for video calls. Artificial houseplants are available in broad leaf varieties, geometric aloes and cactus plants and naturalistic ferns.

Create a sharable space

You already know that we provide expert guidance on gorgeous faux florals but we can also help you select artificial green plants to create a stunning backdrop or welcoming commercial space. Our team is on hand to discuss options, suggest complementary collections and find the right stock or selection for you.

Potty about pots

Our artificial green plants come in a range of lovely pots and containers. Rustic terracotta, sleek grey or decorative ceramic, they have each been chosen to complement and showcase the plants and provide our trade customers with a wide range of choices to offer in their shops or use in their business.