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Floralsilk is the place to source all your Christmas decorations at wholesale prices, from tree trim, wreaths and garlands to Christmas stems, trees and tabletop decorations.

The theme for Christmas 2022 is 'The Good Life'.  In a post pandemic world, the focus has shifted from excess, instant gratification and being busy to that of a simple, sustainable, appreciative world.  With renewed value placed on the purer pleasures that life has to offer such as spending time with friends and family and making the most of our homes, gardens and the natural world, this year is about being grateful and living the good life.

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Soft tones of rust and sage give a contemporary, soft, natural alternative to red and green. With warm undertones and natural accents, this theme evokes feelings of peace, comfort and joy.
Starry Night
Nothing beats staring up at the stars in a clear night sky. With deep blues and gorgeous golds colliding, the Starry Night theme is indulgent and contemporary. Think gold, glass, metal and tactile textiles such as sumptuous velvet and fur.
Legends and tall tales told while huddled around a campfire, speak of magic and mystical creatures. Bright pastels and modern neutrals combine to create a nature loving, contemporary Japandi style theme that promotes a feeling of wonder and warm wishes.
Log Cabin
A celebration of all things outdoors, the Log Cabin theme embraces nature at its best with a deep berry red, gorgeous greens and the dark beauty of oak. With a highlight of white, everything about this theme gives off the Christmas feels.
As the nights draw in and we transition from Autumn to Winter, the colours deepen and we start to get the sense of nights spent cuddled up close in the warmth. With deep pink, burgundy and violet hues, a charcoal accent and a touch of champagne gold, this theme is comforting and luxurious.
Cool, calm and tranquil with icy blues, cool greys and the shimmer of silver. A true winter wonderland of glass, fur, feathers and frost covered foliage, this theme whisks you away to an enchanted Christmas visiting Santa in the snow.
Wild Child
The best childhoods are those when you return from a day out with your hair messy, feet muddy and your eyes sparkling. A riot of colour, hobbies and humour, this theme is full of things that bring joy like gardening, sport, rainbows, pompoms and food.