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Christmas 2022 Top Trends

Published: 26/04/2022


Top trends for Christmas 2022 are not what you might think!

Once upon a time, the word ‘Christmas’ would conjure up visions of tinsel, glitter and brightly coloured plastic decorations, but those days are far behind us now.  Floralsilk works hard to develop new trend-led Christmas collections, as well as retaining the classics by putting a twist on the traditional, so that each year our customers can evolve their Christmas offering.

In a post pandemic world, the focus has shifted from excess, instant gratification and being busy to that of a simple, sustainable, appreciative world.  With renewed value placed on the purer pleasures that life has to offer such as spending time with friends and family and making the most of our homes, gardens and the natural world, this year is about being grateful and living the good life.

In response to this shift in buyer behaviour, Floralsilk created 7 new Christmas themes to reflect customer attitudes and launched earlier than ever in December 2021 at our showroom before bringing our collections to the most successful Harrogate Christmas & Gift Fair to date. With a step back from heavy glitter and the introduction of new materials such as wool and macrame to run alongside the growing glass bauble collection and winter wreaths and garlands that we are known so well for, it was clear to see some new trends emerging.

One stand-out style was to incorporate florals and foliage into Christmas with the Camp Fire theme’s pink, gold and aubergine palette proving hugely popular.  Gorgeously soft luxe eucalyptus stems in varying shades of pinks and purples along with gilded peonies and metallic gold sprays were amongst the top sellers this year.



With sage green being a key colour in homewares for 2022, the Adventure theme with a sage, rust and natural vibe had some brilliant performers including what one of our customers called ‘the best wreath in the show’- a frosted jute wreath, along with beautiful botanical filled baubles and classic spiral eucalyptus wreath and garland.


To put a new spin on wintery whites and silvers, an icy blue was added to the Waterfall collection which toned beautifully with the glass baubles, icicles and snowy foliage.  Once again, the floral focus was high and our sell-out Snowstorm collection was in as much demand as ever with the hydrangea, poinsettia and lambs ear being the most popular. 


Naturally when you think of Christmas, the classic colours of red and green come to mind and these were prominent in the Log Cabin theme. Full of lush greenery, red berries and natural foliage to complement the rich, vibrant tree trim including gorgeous glass baubles and resin or wooden decorations, our Julia bauble topped the charts closely followed by the glass Poinsettia bauble.  As ever, the robin clip sold himself and the new Luxe Poinsettia clip was a favourite too.


To inject a bit of fun and novelty, our resin Santa plate complete with cookies and milk made a great debut as did brightly coloured hanging nutcrackers.  Our garden collection with watering cans, wheelbarrows and gardening accessories was also very fruitful. Still holding on at the top of the charts though is the glass Landrover and his faithful companion the Party Balloon Dog…although he did have the introduction of his nemesis Party Balloon Cat this year who is hot on his heels.


So, although the Christmas landscape is changing to one of conscious, stylish and quality products to complement the home and buyers making more considered decisions than before, the desire to have a happy Christmas with family and friends is strong and demand for appropriate decorations still high.


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