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Make a statement!

Published: 25/04/2022


With the increasing rise in competition between high street shops and online businesses, there is a renewed desire to create brand awareness and give new reasons to visit a bricks and mortar establishment and overcome the challenge of eCommerce. 

The race is on to embrace experiential retail – a fusion of retail and experience to elevate the shopping experience to a destination worth visiting and that which cannot be replicated online.

One such trend that has gathered pace is that of statement floral installations.  From high street retailers and entertainment destinations to restaurants, cafes, offices and even personal homes, the demand for an Instagram worthy entrance or immersive seating area has seen some incredibly artistic creations springing up around the country.

This is, of course, great news for interior landscapers, designers, florists and visual merchandisers who are perfectly positioned to deliver this point of difference for their clients. It is also a great opportunity for retailers to put themselves on the map.

For a business, a statement floral installation is a talking point, an Instagram hotspot, it attracts visitors, gets social media coverage and establishes a venue as ‘one to see and be seen at’. Indeed, some brands have made their name on the basis of their ‘floral experience’ such as Café Elan and Peggy Porschen, but it’s not just the independents that are getting creative, large department stores such as Fenwicks have also hit the headlines recently with collaborations with socialite and brand collaborator Alice Naylor-Leyland with a striking shop front full of flowers and balloons. The Shard have also spiced up their Skydeck with a beautiful heart shaped flower arch perfect for that picture. 

Artificial flowers, foliage and plants are the ideal choice for these installations as they obviously have a much longer shelf life, are not as affected by adverse weather and can be manipulated into almost any shape or form.  Often, businesses will choose to change and evolve the look of their statements to stay current with the seasons and encourage repeat custom. 

If you are a business that would like to have an installation yourself or if you are an installer who is able to design and install then please contact us on or 01778 425205 and we will do our best to match you up and offer advice on which products would be most suitable.



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