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white artificial flowers and foliage in a bouquet wrapped in brown paper

Blooming all year round: faux floral Christmas gift inspiration

Published: 16/11/2023

The big Christmas ads are out, and the lights have been switched on; that can only mean one thing…it’s time to limber up for present buying season. Social feeds are full of suggestions, but if you’re anything like us, this often just fuels your own wishlist rather than helping with gifts for family and friends!

Without doubt, the secret to gift giving is to choose something thoughtful, a little out of the ordinary and offering a touch of luxury. This is where our high quality faux can tick a lot of boxes without looking fake or plastic, from faux potted plants to artificial flower bouquets, and from silk flowers in vases to faux Orchids, they are unique and contemporary.

Artificial plants and flowers offer all the indulgence and luxury of their living counterparts but without the need to water, find the right amount of sun and shade, repot, deadhead, or dispose of! Whether you are looking for a showstopping arrangement, something special for your loved one or even the perfect Secret Santa gift, our range offers so much choice to help you find the ideal present.

We’ve pulled together a Christmas gift guide to offer you some inspiration.

Everlasting potted orchids

The delicate, distinctive orchid is one of the most elegant and varied potted plants. But once their first flush of blooms fade, it can be a challenge to nurture them into flowering again. What was once a glorious display becomes a pot of tangled roots. By opting for an artificial orchid, you avoid all of that worry over watering and tending, you can just enjoy the incredibly realistic flowers for years to come. Our range comes in all shapes and sizes and includes the popular Phalaenopsis, the captivating Cymbidium and the pretty Dendrobium.  With plenty of colours available too including classic creamy white, pale pinks or darker varieties, as well as a choice of contemporary and more classic pot styles.

Lifelike flower arrangements

Designed by our team of highly experienced florist designers and set in resin to keep them in place, a lifelike floral arrangement is a gift that will keep bringing joy long after the festive season. A thoughtful gift for anyone that loves flowers but would rather leave the arranging to the experts. We have a wide choice when it comes to both the blooms and foliage mix and the style of vase they are arranged in. From the magnificent Glamour Globe – a dreamy mix of our favourite blues, pinks and purples set in an elegant round stone pot to the contemporary look of our best-selling faux peonies in globe, you’ll find there’s plenty to choose from.

Faux flower bouquets

Who doesn’t love to receive a carefully selected bunch of flowers? Choosing artificial flowers and foliage means your gift can last for years rather than just a couple of weeks. Artificial flowers are also great for allergy suffers, allowing them to enjoy the beauty without the sneezing!

We’ve made choosing the perfect floral gift easy with a range of pre-selected bouquets. Each arrives as a handtied arrangement wrapped in brown paper. All your recipient must do is find the perfect vase – and we sell these too! A range of sizes and styles make these bouquets a great option for everyone from your special someone to your child’s teacher There’s also plenty to choose from if you prefer to select your own faux stems. Go for a generous bunch of a favourite flower to make a striking statement or mix with other blooms and foliage for a one-off display.

Potty about plants?

Over the past few years, interior designers have gone wild for house plants and greenery. From trendy cafes with living green walls or Instagram backdrops of shelves adorned with hanging, trailing plants, we can’t get enough of the green and leafy. But if you’re fed up with the chore of watering or feel you lack the gardening gene, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift of a fantastically realistic artificial version.

From faux succulents to artificial olive trees or the current favourite, the sculptural lush-leafed Fiddle leaf plant, we have a great choice of potted faux plants. Perhaps the student in your life might appreciate some greenery in their room but isn’t ready to commit to keeping it alive? Or maybe you need the ideal present for a home-worker or to take as a thank you gift for a host or hostess? Our artificial plants and trees come in a wide variety of pots so you can coordinate with anyone’s style and taste.

Festive gifts

And talking of festive hosting, we also have some great small gifts in the form of hanging decorations, light up ceramic ornaments and mini trees which are the perfect Christmas token to thank your hosts or could be ideal as teacher presents.

Our gifts can all be delivered directly to the recipient, beautifully presented with price tags removed and the opportunity for you to include a gift message. We have next day delivery available if you’ve left it a bit late. And if you want to drop a few hints for your own stocking…we have a wish list service that can be shared with family and friends.

Whoever is on your list, finding the right present for them will keep the festive excitement mounting as we head towards the big day.