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close up of white artificial flowers


Artificial flowers are the best type of house guest. They don’t need water, food or light and will be happy in any location, remaining eternally youthful. However, there are some basic things that can be done to ensure that your artificial flowers or plants stay looking their absolute best.

First things first

On arrival of your flowers or plants make sure you give them a gentle ‘tweak’ before displaying. Artificial flowers can sometimes get a little squashed during transport, but can easily be brought back to their best with a little attention.

One of the major benefits to artificial is that they are pliable and can be adjusted to the perfect shape by fluffing petals and bending stems until you reach a look you’re happy with. For larger items such as wreaths and garlands, always start your tweaking at the base, working your way up to the front.

Make sure that you shape all the tips in the same direction to avoid it looking messy, gently lift leaves upwards to create a fuller look and bring any focal flowers to the front.

Keep it clean

For a long-term look of beautiful, youthful faux flowers and plants, try not to place them in direct sunlight and turn them regularly so that if any slight fading occurs over time, it will happen evenly and will be much less noticeable.

Although sometimes tempting, don’t give your stems a good wash when dust has settled as it may compromise the integrity of the flower structure - instead, dust regularly to prevent any build up. Simply wipe petals and leaves with a damp or microfibre cloth.

For artificial flower arrangements in a vase, use a bottle brush or pencil with a cloth tied around the end to reach inside the vase and sweep up any settling fluff. For small complex shaped plants like artificial succulents in a pot, a paintbrush can be used to get into the crevices.

Other ways to keep your flowers clean and dust free are blowing with a hairdryer on a cool setting, using a small attachment attached to a vacuum on a low setting or using a compressed air spray.

Show off

Display your flowers to their best advantage. Artificial flowers or foliage can be mixed with fresh for a super natural look, same stems can bunched together on their own for a simple elegant style or you can create an extravagant statement arrangement, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to designing the perfect piece for your home.

Whatever you go for, simply choose your stems, vase, plants or trees and place in position for the ultimate room boost. Store safely Even though faux flowers and plants will last a long time, sometimes it’s nice to have a change around - maybe you are making way for Christmas or you change your floral displays with the season.

Whatever the reason, there may be a time when your flowers get retired for a short while and to keep them safe you should ensure that they are stored in a suitably sized container away from extreme temperatures or light. Pack your items carefully with sufficient space to avoid squashing.

For stems, lie them alternately end to end by placing the first flower head to the right, second to the left, third to the right and so on.

By following these few basic steps you can count on having long lasting loveliness for many years to come.

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