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fresh and faux roses arranged in vase

Fresh and faux - the dream team!

Published: 25/07/2022

Using artificial flowers or foliage can really help to bolster a bunch of fresh flowers and give a longer life to your arrangement.  They have strong stems that can provide structure, they’ll retain their good looks long term and providing that the stems are not paper covered, they will sit happily in water for a while.

You will need:

  • Faux greenery
  • Fresh flowers
  • Wire cutters/scissors
  • Vessel
  • Optional: florist tape

Start off by gathering your stems, both faux and fresh and you will need some wire cutters or strong scissors. In this example we are using faux eucalyptus, as it also looks beautiful on its own and can continue to be used long after your fresh flowers have wilted, with the addition of fresh yellow roses.

Firstly, you need to create a good base with the artificial greenery. Cut or bend the faux stems so that they fit into your vase.  Work from the outside in and create a ‘dome’ effect with shorter stems at the side and slightly longer ones in the middle.  This adds texture and depth to your arrangement.

fresh yellow flowers being trimmed and arranged in a vase

Ideally you should ‘criss-cross’ the sturdier artificial stems to provide a base for your fresh flowers. This does somewhat depend on the width of the neck of the vase – if it’s quite wide it will be harder to get stems to stay in place.  In this case you could use some clear florist tape to apply a grid over the neck that flowers can be placed in to retain their positioning.

woman's hands bending artificial foliage stem for arrangement

Once your green base is looking how you’d like, add fresh flowers, odd numbers work best. Cut them on a diagonal so they can soak up more water, pull off lower lying leaves and then place the larger headed or focal flowers first, ensuring an even spacing between them.

Next add the smaller ‘filler’ flowers into any gaps and try to vary the height of these for a more three-dimensional arrangement.  Turn the vase as you are placing the stems to ensure it looks good from all angles.

fresh and artificial flowers and foliage arranged in a blue glass vase

Finally, set your arrangement in pride of place.  Remove or replace the fresh flowers as they start to wilt knowing that the artificial stems will always make sure that you have a pretty display regardless.