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artificial pink and purple flower arrangement in glass vase

Get creative with artificial flowers

Published: 15/06/2023

Looking for some inspiration?

Our inspiration pages are full of ideas with ‘recipes’ for each style to help you create a beautiful arrangement of your choosing.

We have a range of mixes from  Peonies & Blossom and  Viburnum & Pussy Willow, to  wild combinations of flowers & foliage  and  Autumn Grasses. All of these recipes give you the list of ingredients necessary to replicate our examples (though you can adjust quantities to suit your own personal tastes) and instructions on how we created them. 

These pages are great for beginners to artificial flower arranging, those who like to follow a guide or anyone inspired by our style, but if you'd prefer to create your own arrangement from scratch, a simple way to achieve a balanced look is with our 3 step guide:

Create your own

1. Pick a focal flower - odd numbers of large headed stems work best, such as Hydrangeas or Peonies.

2. Choose a ‘filler’ flower - these are smaller, multi-headed flowers such as Waxflower, Wintersweet or Astrantia - often two stems will be enough.

3. Lastly, add foliage stems to create shape and height to your arrangement, our favourites include Eucalyptus, Ferns & Pussy Willow.