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gold, pink and purple christmas decorations on artificial christmas tree and garland draped over fireplace

How to decorate your Christmas Tree

Published: 01/12/2022

Don't suffer from Christmas Tree envy this year!

Why not try to create your own version of our Floralsilk Campfire Christmas Tree… Exuding feelings of warmth, comfort and luxury, your home will be more than ready for the holiday period.

Below is a video of our tree and how we put it together, as well as a written guide to help you follow the process!

How to create your own Campfire Tree:

  1. Spread and splay the branches of our English Pine Christmas tree
  2. (It never looks it best straight out of the box!)
  3. Open up the tree stand and place in your desired location
  4. Connect the bottom section of branches to the tree stand first
  5. Work your way around the tree splaying the branches as you go.
  6. All the branches are wired and can be tweaked outwards to fill any gaps
  7. Add the middle section of branches, tweaking these in the same way
  8. Add the top section of branches
  9. Time to add your lights 
  10. Champagne Pampas grass will add fun and flair
  11. Gold Mini Leaves spray gives a gold base and fills any gaps
  12. Flowers from our Luxe range create interest and depth to your Tree
  13. Select tree decorations from our range… Sequin Poinsettia clips, Fabia Glass Baubles, Floral Glass Baubles & Finials, Campfire Baubles, Finola Glass Baubles, Felice Finials
  14. Don’t forget your gold tree topper
  15. Revel in your creativity!
  16. And why not add a decorated garland too!

Why not share your tree with us? You'll find our socials below, so follow our pages and tag us in your pictures to show off your creations!