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faux flowers and foliage stems in ceramic vases on a table

How to festive up your flower arrangements

Published: 20/10/2023

It’s almost time to dig out the baubles and fairy lights but Christmas decorations are about more than just the tree. Festive floral arrangements can elevate your Christmas décor and give you the opportunity to add touches of seasonal splendour to every room of your house.

From swapping summery faux florals for more wintery colours to increasing foliage, adding berries, or going all out on the gold and silver; artificial flowers and foliage offer plenty of opportunity to help you create your perfect festive atmosphere.

Even after decades of experience in both artificial flowers and Christmas décor we are still finding ways to experiment with colours, flower types and festive additions so we have pulled together a few tips to get you started with festive flower arranging.

red faux flowers and berries with eucalytpus in brown glass vase on dresser

Top Tips for Festive Flowers

Creating artificial flower arrangements is something we do all year round and there are certain guidelines we follow to help create visually appealing displays. We favour using odd numbers of flowers and placing them asymmetrically to create a modern arrangement that is pleasing to the eye. A tight necked vase will hold the faux flowers in place and make your display look generously full.

Play around with the stem lengths and imagine you are creating a sculpture or work of art. Opaque or coloured vases or jugs are a good choice if you want to adjust the length of your stems without cutting them off as they hide the folded back section.

It’s important to have balance in an arrangement but this doesn’t have to mean having identical flowers on each side. Grouping flowers together in bunches before you start can look beautiful. Twigs and taller foliage add structure whilst for the festive season, berries or a touch of glitter will always add a bit of Christmas flair.

red faux flowers and foliage arranged in black churn vase

Already have some faux flowers in a vase?

You don’t always need to start again with a flower arrangement. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing summery blooms or colours with a wintery flowerhead or two and adding festive foliage or twigs.

Start by separating out the components of your existing arrangement and removing any yellow tones as these give arrangements a Spring-like feel. Festive foliage such as pine fronds or ivy will make a big impact if you surround your flowers with them and we love to add a gold or silver twig to our festive flowers to create height and drama.

Experiment with adding seasonal florals, one to try is the Hellebore, a favourite with gardeners, these delicate florals brighten up gardens from December through to February. Adding a faux Hellebore to an arrangement gives a subtle wintery feel without being overtly Christmassy.

A change of vase can also have a dramatic effect, a darker vase will immediately create a more wintery feel.

Welcome in Winter with Foliage

Winter landscapes are dominated by evergreen foliage and wintery twigs. The range of shapes, sizes and colours of leaves and bark can provide natural inspiration for your own arrangements. Bring the outside in by either changing the balance of your arrangements so there is much more foliage and less florals in your vase. Or opt for a simple display of lifelike foliage and snowkissed or glittery twigs.

A favourite with both our team and our customers is the humble Eucalyptus. This incredibly versatile stem is available in a classic deep green, a delicate blush or as a long leaf variety. Once the colder weather really arrives we also have a faux frosted spray which will add a just-picked feel to your arrangements.

Holly is another staple of festive flower arrangements. Faux Holly offers the perfect solution to the annual issue of finding Holly with berries and then finding a way to collect it without prickled fingers. For a natural looking Holly try the Faux Oakham Spray which mixes a faux Holly leaf and berries with pine foliage and pinecones.

Glittered and sparkly Holly sprays are great for incorporating a little festive fun into your arrangements. From a light dusting of glitter to a more pronounced sparkle, you can pick your level. Mix these sprays in with florals and foliage or gather a single stem type into an eye-catching vaseful.

green artificial foliage and berries arranged in tall white vase with painting and bust sculpture

Add Berries to the Festivities

One of our favourite easy décor options is to add some Faux Berries to a vase of artificial flowers. Crimson Berries or Rosehips will instantly bring a more festive feel or there are lovely neutral colours available if that is more your style. Intersperse Berry stems throughout the arrangement and create more impact by leaving them longer than the flowers so they are visible at the top and edges of your arrangement.

For a contemporary look, try a vase of Eucalyptus and Berries, or just use Berries on their own to create a striking display.

red artificial poinsettias with eucalytus and other foliage in tall vase

Is Red the Ultimate Seasonal Colour?

If any flower colour says Christmas, it’s surely red!  Red faux flowers are complemented beautifully by variegated foliage stems, the lightness of the leaf keeps the arrangement from becoming sombre.

Classic red poinsettia blooms look fabulous in rich velvety textures, with deep reds looking particularly luxurious when paired with a Christmas foliage stem such as a sparkly Eucalyptus.

But don’t neglect other flowers, roses and hydrangeas both also look great in red. Pair them with your favourite seasonal foliage or stick to a generous display of a single flower type.

Introduce Deep Pink Florals

If you are keen to try something a little different this year, some deep pink flowers mixed with plenty of seasonal leaves, twigs and dark berries will also create a dramatic wintery look. We love to arrange our deep pink flowers, such as Peonies or Hydrangeas, in a dark grey or blue glass vase as the colours complement one another perfectly.

red faux flowers and green foliage arranged in glass vase on a dresser
red, pink and green faux flower and foliage bouquet held in person's hand

This is a good choice if you want to enjoy your display for a little longer, the colours will look great from October right through to March. Update the foliage as the seasons change and add a sparkly festive stem if you want a little bling for Christmas!

Keeping Things in Neutral

If your space or personal style is more suited to a pared-back neutral look, icy white flowers can create a spectacular festive display. The colours might be lower key than the usual Christmas go-tos but this colourway is really having a moment this Christmas.

white artificial flowers and foliage stems in a white vases on a small table
white faux flowers and foliage arranged in a glass vase in an alcove

Snow-tipped foliage and flowers look stunning when arranged together. Mix larger blooms with smaller more delicate florals and create some additional height with taller sparkly twigs which draw the eye without blocking the view of the star of your arrangement. Experiment with your vase choice too, they are a great way to add texture or even more visual appeal.

Complement your arrangement with similar tones in your other decorations to create a relaxing winter wonderland.

The items in our best-selling Snowstorm collection all work beautifully with one another making it easy for you to create this look.

Metallic Flowers & Foliage

Christmas is the best time of year to make the most of the versatility that artificial flowers offer. As amazing as nature is, it’s tricky to grow gold-tipped Peonies or silver leafy stems!

With faux flowers, all types of wonderful flower creations are possible – there really are no limits. Seize the opportunity to create a striking display by pairing gold tipped flowers and foliage with a dramatic black or charcoal grey vase.

Rosie, our gorgeous Floralsilk team mascot, loves this one especially!

Or be brave and add some Pampas stems to your gold arrangements – they really can bring the wow factor.

gold metallic foliage stems in a vase on a small table
metallic stems and artificial flowers in a churn vase in a living room with dog on sofa
seasonal table display with garland, candles, decorative birds and overhead hanging decorations and baubles

Keeping it Simple with Branches and Hanging Decorations

If you’ve filled your home with florals or want to give something a little different a go, try taking some branch-like stems and hanging Christmas decorations from them. This simple display can create a very dramatic effect. We often hang branches like this from the ceiling but if your ceilings are low or not suited to attachments you can achieve a similar look by placing some winter stems in a vase and hanging assorted baubles from them. Or try our pre-lit twig tree which looks great on a tabletop.

baubles hanging from white tree branch in front of a hedge
The decorations you choose will take centre stage so select carefully to create the look you are aiming for. Adjusting the length of the hanging string on some pretty glass baubles will create variation and a stunning feature. Or opt for something a bit quirky, we’ve plenty of choice when it comes to fun decorations which will really help you personalise your décor.

Find your Christmas Style

Whether it’s a subtle nod to the season or vases full of sparkling stems you can use the versatility of faux florals and foliage to reflect your festive style and taste. And of course, whether it’s a floral, foliage or a hanging decoration display, adding some twinkling fairy lights will always deliver a touch of Christmas magic.