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glass easter egg hangers on white mini tree

How to make Easter 'egg-cellent'!

Published: 06/03/2023

Easter means many things to many people; bunnies, eggs, spring flowers, rebirth and renewal. For us - we’re pretty keen on an Easter Gonk or two.  Whatever your take on the season, it’s a great excuse to start feeling sunshiney and embrace the Easter holidays by having a thoroughly egg-cellent time doing egg-citing things.  Some ideas to help get you started are:   

easter gonks and blossom in vase on small coffee table

Welcome in the Spring

Nothing lifts spirits more than arriving home to a pretty floral wreath hanging on your front door to welcome you in.  Make your own or buy a beautiful artificial wreath that will serve you for many Springs to come.  It doesn’t even have to go on your front door, Spring wreaths look just as happy above a fireplace or hanging in a window.  To add to the fresh new season look, an Easter or Spring gonk is a great decoration to place on tables or windowsills to add a pop of colour to a room and a smile to your face.

Get crafty

Easter is a great opportunity to get creative. Decorate eggs with paint, pens or stick on funny faces; make an Easter decoration for your dining table or hallway or even an Easter bonnet using some gorgeous clip on nesting birds sitting on eggs.  Importantly you should alsouse some ‘bunny bait’ to attract the Easter bunny into your home.  We find that a few carrots placed strategically around the house often does the trick!

easter themed table display with rabbit decorations and garland

Lay an Easter tablescape

Once you are all decorated and prepared for Spring, it’s time to welcome some guests. One way to make the occasion special is to create a beautiful ‘tablescape’ that truly sets the scene for an Easter dining experience.  One of the simplest ways to create instant impact is to lay an artificial garland down the centre of the table.  Weave in some additional Spring faux stems and dot a few Easter decorations in amongst the foliage.  As a finishing touch, add some Easter characters at the table ends or have them hold your napkins, but don’t forget to save a place for the Easter bunny!

moss covered bunny decoration with spring flower garland

Look for the Easter bunny

Now your home is geared up to receive a visit from the bunny, it’s time to sit back and wait for him to arrive. Even better if you have one of his faithful companions in situ in the run up to Easter – a green moss bunny who will keep a watchful eye on everyone and report back any good deeds that will hopefully be rewarded with the best currency: chocolate! When the big day finally arrives there will often be clues that you’ve had a visit: bunny fur (cotton wool), bunny poo (chocolate drops), bunny footprints (flour paw prints) and, most telling of all – delicious chocolate eggs!