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diy floral garland being put together with artificial floral and foliage stems

How to make a floral wreath

Published: 02/06/2022

Despite the amount of choice out there, sometimes you just can’t find that perfect statement piece that complements your style.  It’s times like these that you can roll up your sleeves and design your own bespoke floral wreath. An artificial wreath is perfect because artificial flowers and foliage are much stronger than fresh flowers, they can be bent and pulled into your desired shape or direction and they will look as fresh as the day you made it for the entire season with absolutely no maintenance.

Before you get started, decide on the type of look you are going for and select the flowers and foliage to suit.  Ideally you should have artificial stems of varying shapes and sizes with smaller ‘filler’ items alongside some larger ‘statement’ pieces.

foliage and flower wreath with tools on table

Step One:

To get started you will need:

  • A base for your wreath. This can be anything you like from a basic polystyrene hoop to a cheap foliage wreath that has a covering of greenery already.
  • Strong secateurs/wire cutters
  • Floristry wire and/or cable ties
  • Artificial foliage and flowers 
woman inserting stems into foliage and flower wreath

Step Two:

Start to bulk out your base with greenery.  We find that large flat leaves such as ferns work well for this as they provide coverage yet are still delicate and attractive with interesting edges. Chop the stems down so there is just enough to insert without poking out of the back.  Secure all stems with floristry wire or cable ties. 

woman layering flowers into wreath

Step Three:

Start to layer in the smaller flowers and foliage.  Position them evenly and at different depths to give dimension to your wreath.  Ideally, ensure that they are all facing the same way and try to avoid sticking stems in at any angle.  Unless you are particularly keen on a ‘uniform’ look, allow some stems to branch out a bit to the sides and bend the heads to get the best out of them.

woman's hand inserting a large stem into floral wreath

Step Four:

If you have any stand-out stems include these now.  We have used pampas fronds to add texture and give a boho feel.  These were placed on one section of the wreath to achieve an asymmetrical look and were allowed to flow out around the edges to give a relaxed appearance.

woman's hand adding large flowers to wreath

Step Five:

Now add the real statement piece to your wreath.  This would normally be a large headed flower like a peony, hydrangea or rose but you can obviously choose whatever works best for your design.  These can work well as a cluster or scattered individually around your piece.  Again, cut down these stems so that they are a workable length and secure with wire.

handmade floral wreath with stems, twine and plants

Step Six:

Finally, tweak out all your stems to ensure that they are all facing in the desired directions and then stand back and admire your creation!