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pink and red artificial roses in glass vases

Our Valentine's 'Love List'

Published: 02/02/2023

Whether you are buying for your loved partner, your pet or your pals, flowers can say so much.  Each flower has its own meaning and can help convey your feelings to that special someone.

To help with the decision, we have compiled a ‘Top 5 Floral Love List’ of the most popular artificial flowers to give on Valentine's day or indeed any time you like!

single red rose stem in vase

1. Red Rose

The most classic choice for a reason!  A red rose is the universal symbol of love and recognised in almost every language.  When given as a single stem it represents giving your heart to the one you love.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than our exquisite faux Velvet Rose.

artificial blush peonies in textured vase

2. Blush Peony

The Peony has been around since 1000 BC and each plant can live for over 100 years.  Meaning ‘most beautiful’ and being a symbol of good luck, happiness and longevity, a peony is the perfect flower to show your commitment and hopes for the future.

Our faux Blush Peony Pink is a big, beautiful bloom that will bring longevity to your relationship.

white faux orchid in geometric pot

3. Orchid

A popular gift - originally due to its rarity which showed that the receiver was valued and treasured, the orchid is now a symbol of love and fertility and is thought to bring positive energy to the home.

With 5-star reviews, our faux Classic Orchid in Geo Pot is the perfect gift.

yellow, orange and red artificial ranunculus stems in glass vase

4. Ranunculus

Soft, delicate and full of plentiful petals, the Ranunculus is a flower of passion and romance.  Ideal for special occasions, this small but mighty flower is a demonstration of love and desire.

Our faux Ranunculus in Vase is a gorgeous arrangement in a glass vase.

dark coloured artificial hydrangea stems in glass vase

5. Hydrangea

Grace and elegance personified; the brilliant puff of petals that is the Hydrangea really makes a statement.  Unique in that the colour of each flower is determined by the conditions of the soil, when purple, this bloom indicates a desire to know someone deeply.

Make your feelings known this Valentine's day with our faux Plum Hydrangea Mix in Vase.