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10 ways to style your home for Spring

Published: 27/02/2024

At long last the mornings are getting lighter, birdsong is in the air and Mother Nature is waking up from her winter slumber with beautiful Spring flowers starting to peek through, bringing with them some much needed life and colour to our surroundings.

Now is the perfect time to bring some of that Spring joy into your home. They say a change is as good as a rest so switch up your home décor, clear that dusty winter clutter and both you and your home will feel fresh and ready to embrace new beginnings.

Our top ten favourite ways to style for Spring are:

1. Elevate your entrance

Announce the arrival of Spring as soon as you step into your home. By simply placing some cheerful tulips or other Spring flowers onto your hallway table, you set the seasonal tone straight away, immediately lifting spirits. Using artificial flowers is the best way to keep that vibrant feeling for many weeks instead of just days.

2.      Freshen up your fireplace

Fabulous in Winter but often a little bleak in Spring, your fireplace can really benefit from being freshened up with a beautiful bunch of blooms that will bring life to an otherwise dark spot of your room. Simply pick your favourite flowers and watch your space transform. Our favourite is a mix of faux mini wildflowers in a rustic vase.

3. Brighten up your windowsill

Windowsills are the easy choice when it comes to displaying something pretty and it can be great fun to have a go and create a work of art to display for all to see. Ever keen to embrace the art of flower arranging, we like to draw on influences from all over the globe and one of our favourites is the Japanese art of Ikebana which makes sculptural masterpieces from beautiful floral stems. We have used a mix of tulips and blossom but, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so pick whichever flowers take your fancy and put in pride of place in your window.

4. Add a floral touch to your bedroom

How nice to wake up and have the first thing you see being one of beauty. By adding a pretty faux flower arrangement to your bedside table or chest of drawers it sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. We have also found that having a beautiful focal point helps discourage people from creating clutter around it, so you’ll also benefit from having a lovely tidy room.

5. Dine in style

Add a seasonal touch to your dining table by running a floral garland down the centre, adding some small Spring decorations or positioning some pastel-coloured flowers on your table. Couple these with some colourful crockery and glassware and you’ll have a gorgeous Spring tablescape.

6. Add a welcoming wreath

You can start your Spring decorating before you have even walked into your house.Position a colourful wreath on the front door, full of meadow flowers and foliage or keep it simple with an elegant eucalyptus or timeless lavender. There’s also no chance of wilting with an artificial doorwreath (if properly cared for) and it’s enough to bring a smile to your face as you soon as you arrive home.

7. Embrace Easter

Easter is a great excuse to get some pretty decorations out.  From gorgeous glass eggs and egg garlands and wreaths to cute bristle bunnies and Easter baskets, the options are endless and can be tailored to suit your style. One of our favourites is to decorate an Easter tree with pastel patterned eggs and adorable glass chicks.

8. Be bold, bright and beautiful

One of the easiest ways to create maximum impact is to simply place a big bunch of bright blooms on any surface. Whether you create a mix yourself or choose a ready-made arrangement, having an artificial flower creation will create a vibe that lasts all season. With artificial flower arrangements coming in all shapes, sizes and colours with a choice of ceramic and glass vases, it’s easy to find some Spring flowers to brighten up your room.

9. Add a pop of colour

Bright and happy, the daffodil is often the first sign of Spring. Just having these personable little flowers around the house is enough to raise a smile and they are perfectly sized to position anywhere from shelves and tabletops to windowsills and bedside cabinets. Just pop them down and wait for the joy to spread.

10. Be elegantly neutral

For those who have a more understated taste, Spring can still be celebrated in a more muted way by embracing the neutral tones of whites and greens to create a calming peaceful environment. Pair some large-headed focal artificial flowers with smaller multi-headed flowers along with some foliage and style loosely together for a natural feel.